Forecast For 2015

For the last few years Astrosai has been providing accurate predictions in matters related to India and the world in general.

The predictions made included the Tsunami in Japan, The Storms and destructions in Korea, the cloud burst in the north east of India, and floods in Northern India, Northern Pakistan and China, last year. The saffron change of the political scenario in India was predicted in 2014.

  • This year, the North West of India, and countries in that direction- from Pakistan to Ireland, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Russia are at a danger of natural calamities, as well as sudden violence causing destruction of life and property. In India, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Northern part of Gujarat are included in this danger.
  • It is advisable to be alert and take precautions in these directions.
  • In India, considering things overall, this is going to be a time of prosperity. New discoveries of natural resources are going to lead to major profits for India.
  • All seasons are going to be extremes, and are going to break the earlier records.
  • The changes that are due in July, especially in terms of natural calamities, are going to affect the happiness that would otherwise have been.
  • This year, there will be a Mahaparva of Jupiter transition in the Leo moonsign, which is called Simhastha . Every 12 years this is celebrated in Trimbakeshwar Nashik. This place Trimbakeshwar is the place considered to have been actually visited by Shri Shiv Bhagwan, and Shri Ram Bhagwan, and hence has tremendous religious importance.
  • India is blessed with this energy vibration, and these vibrations help to balance the negative events, and karmas. We will be given the strength to face and fight the challenges that may stand before us.
  • India’s positive energy vibrations are enhanced by the practices of Yoga, meditation, mantras, and Havans. They will also help other countries to draw strength and overcome their challenges, as more and more people and scholars are earnest to come and learn them.