Not the end of the world
It has been a discussion since a long time about whether the predictions made about the end of the World will turn out to be true.
All planets coming in a row, and the end of the Mayan calendar, are the main reasons supporting this. I have written about this before, that the world is going through a sort of cleansing. In this process, along with the unwanted, some innocent lives are endangered. But this is part of destiny. As I had predicted, this has started a few years back, and the danger is related to water and explosions. We saw this happen in Japan, when the Tsunami, and then explosions in the nuclear plants took place. On 21st December although there will not be a major event or calamity, but danger from water persists. So people living near, or holidaying near the sea need to be extra cautious. Till September 2014 the dangers from water, in terms of excess, like floods, inundations, as well as famine can be a danger to life. Along with this, the world is facing the challenge of new viruses and diseases. Organisms that will baffle scientists, as to where they have come from, whether from outer space. Also challenges from outer space, are expected, but humans on earth will be able to retaliate well to them.
So there is no need to fear the 21st, but be cautious about large water bodies. Avoid adventures with water.

For India:-

The trouble India faces has also started a few years back, and is from the North east direction.
Different types of natural, and manmade calamities arising from unrest can pose a threat to peace.