The global danger of Corona:

The solar eclipse of 26 th Dec 2019, was the acceleration of the looming danger
Of Corona epidemic. This global danger is indicated to continue till 21 st June 2020.
The aspect of all planets being on one side of Dragon’s head, and Dragon’s tail , i.e. Rahu, and Ketu, called as ‘Kalasarpa’, is characterised by ups and downs and creates a situation of tension like a constant hanging sword.
Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, Rahu is considered as a planet related to a Virus like problem.
Rahu makes things go in a ‘hang’ mode, stops functioning of the routine things, and stops progress. Things come almost to a solution but fail at the last stage, is characteristic of the influence of Rahu.
Hence in this situation we see a lot of promising solutions appearing but failing due to unprecedented causes.
Pluto is a planet having its effects on masses. It has the capability to influence a large mass of people.
When Saturn and Mars  were is a close aspect with Pluto, between 7 th March to 4 th May, the intensity of the pandemic escalated and led to a lot of people dying. Italy, Spain and USA suffered large loss of life.
21 st June, will have an aspect of Sun and Rahu . That is when this looming danger, will end to a large extent, in various ways including remedies being found for it.

In India, considering that India also has Sade sati- i.e.the phase of Saturn,  this is a period of cleansing and training. This huge impact will make way to cleanliness, and an elevated health hygiene consciousness.
This is a kind of period which forces everyone to introspect imposed by Nature .
The new world will start to blossom after 21 st June 2020.

India has its moon sign Capricorn . 22nd March to 4 th May is a very crucial period, After this the intensity will start to reduce. Extent and intensity of Corona will dip significantly after that .A fairly good stable state will come after 20 November 2020, From 5 th April 2021, onwards, India will make rapid progress towards major progress towards the Golden period.

For those who want to experience the effects of Upayas-

  1. Daily performing Suryanamaskar, and Darshan of the rising sun. Sun is the closest source of energy and divine power according to Hindu faith.Your wishes move on towards fulfilment with this practice. As of now regaining and maintaining good health, improving the financial situation, can be fulfilled with this. The seven chakras get energised from this practice, and give us the spiritual strength to strengthen our will power.’ OM RHIM SURYAYA NAMAHA’ is the Mantra one can chant minimum 7 times for great benefits.
  2. HANUMAN CHALISA greatly gives spiritual strength and helps overcome fear and debility. Reading it, chanting it, listening to it, is beneficial.
  3. Yogic suryanamaskar enhance will power, by strengthening the mind and body.
  4. Caring for the life around us, like plants, birds and animals is also important to enhance your aura.helping the less priviledged in whatever way possible, will help to bring about an optimum balance in nature, and will be beneficial for all.
Manish Potdar